Changes: The Constant in Life

We love seeing old things.  They may be beautiful or ugly, useful or not, but they are interesting because we have changed.  In order to for things to remain viable, we need to make changes to them from time to time.

New Castle 1r

I have changed my blog, and moved it to iPage.  I loved the chat service that WordPress offered with their premium package that I bought, but it was more expensive than I wanted to pay this year.  So far I am very impressed with iPage.  Eva called me to see if there was anything I needed, and sure enough, I had let my domain name expire.  So I changed that, and now I’m renewed, ready to go.  There may be changes on my site, that I don’t understand yet, but I’m still alive and well, and hope you are too.  :)

29 thoughts on “Changes: The Constant in Life”

    1. I don’t really know. It means a savings to me. So far, it looks the same. My site went dead for a bit since I didn’t realize I needed to renew my domain name. But I don’t know how the change will affect my site yet.


  1. It’ll be interesting to read your thoughts on this site. WordPress was user friendly when I first used it, now one has a hard time getting support, it seems.


      1. I went to the site just to read the reviews, and a rep popped up for a little chat ..

        Maybe WordPress had better lift its game, they may lose clients.


    1. The theme is nothing spectacular. I’ll have to look for a new one. The other one was free with the premium account. I’m just trying to save a little bit right now. Sorry, that’s not fun! :) xox


      1. I didn’t actually have to pay the big charge. I caught it in plenty of time. But if one messes up, it’s dollars per character instead of 13 dollars a year.


    1. I tried Go Daddy first, but they couldn’t upload my WordPress site because it was rather than .org. It was a little less expensive, but the service on iPage has been fantastic.


    1. That’s a good question. So far I’ve still been getting my WP notifications, so it may not change. I need to check my reader and see if that is still available. I think it all might be behind the scenes, but I did lose my premium theme, and so my blog looks different.


    1. So far nothing seems really different. It’s a web hosting service. I have unlimited space for photos. If I stayed with, I am almost out of storage space for uploading photos. If I stayed with the upgraded version, it cost $300 a year. I wanted to save some money. I still have my website, and nothing has changed except the theme, which is not fancy anymore. :)


      1. Ute, you are so kind. I haven’t even had time to post much, let alone look for a theme. The lady called me again yesterday to see how I was doing and to tell me that my domain change posted ok. She’s very nice. :)


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