Marsha Lee


    • Why, you’re welcome! Paula, I’m not exactly one of your silent stalkers, but I have internet problems. The last time I was pressing away at the like button, and I started to make a comment, and poof, off went my internet connection-never to return that night. So If I don’t always comment, or even press like, I wanted you to know that I’m out there in Cyberterritory stalking away. I love your blog, and it sounds like a bunch of others do too. 31,000 is nothing to sneeze at!!! Congratulations, and the best is yet to come!! Happy New Year from your internet challenged friend! Marsha Lee :)

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    • I learned something. I used used onions!!! YIKES. Just think of how many bacteria I might have fed myself and V!!! Fortunately we both have iron constitutions, and rarely get sick.

      I am so blessed, Ralph. I sat reading your friend Penny’s blog last night, and I just felt small realizing how many, many blessings I have. I’ve been writing my memoirs, and have 13 pages so far. I don’t know if they will be publishable, but they will be fodder for other things, I’m sure. Thanks for the push. You’re a good friend to me, too!!! :)

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      • I am sure that you have quite a story to tell going by your posts and comments. A lot of amusing incidents and dramas will have the publishers banging at your door (*for their money back*) You didn’t hear that. I am pleased to have given you that push……..I like to help lemmings !! Keep writing. The pages will soon add up to a great book. Ralph xox

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