Marsha Lee

Stranded without Internet in San Diego

This is the first time I’ve posted from my phone, so I’ll be short. The history girls are having fun! We met Russel Ray and his partner, Jim. Yesterday at Slaters 50/50. He’s my first blogging friend to come to real life. Thanks for meeting us Russel and Jim!!!



  1. If this had been last year I would have been there. But now I’m between Augusta and Atlanta,GA We are just moving into to our House. I’m sorry I missed all the fun

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    • You are very close, only that’s Russel Ray, not me!!!! Hello, Ralph! I know I had a camera in his face, but come on, Ralph!!!! Of course, his picture of me is even less flattering than mine of him. I had a hamburger (I could only eat half of it and none of the bread, and a chocolate mint milk shake that had Guinness in it, and I found out afterwards that Guinness is something alcoholic – I assume beer. Couldn’t taste the beer, but it was so filling, that I couldn’t eat much else until much later that evening when I ate two scoops of ice cream. I hate to see how much weight I put on this week-end. I also found out this week-end while we were showing off for RR and Jim, that neither Leslie nor I can still do a cartwheel. I was very disappointed. Debbie did one, only no one was looking at her because they called our name, and we had to hurry over from the park back to the restaurant so we wouldn’t have to wait another hour!!!

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  2. Is there life without internet….it does not seem so….. with all these wonderful gadgets like your phone, you are never alone! I wouldn’t even attempt it with the phone I am happy just to be able to text. :-)
    It is great to meet other bloggers I agree. I might meet one soon in London.

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  3. i wish someday i will post some recipe from my phone..
    btw 3-4 years ago some people would lokk at you with akward looking when u take any dish u’ve had in a resturant..
    nowdays, suddently everybody doing it…
    internet! the first suspect i’ve though about

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    • Thanks for leaving me a comment Dedy. it’s true, so many people take pictures of what they eat in a restaurant now. A few years ago a friend sent us a picture from their iPhone. We had just gotten iPhones, and we laughed, and sent them one of our meal – half eaten. We’ve been doing it ever since! It’s much easier to post pictures than recipes, though, unless you take a picture of the recipe. Have a great day! :)

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  4. No internet can be so lonely, glad you were able to use your phone, I have never tried that. I am so happy you got to meet some new friends. how wonderful. I have really only met one person from my blog. It was a nice experience.

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