Renee’s Online Birthday Party

It’s Christmas Day, Renee’s 16th Birthday.  Welcome everybody  Come on in.  

Welcome to Renee's party.
Welcome to Renee’s party.

In honor of Renee’s country _______________________, all the print will be in green,  because in ______________________, it’s __________________.

Happy Birthday, Renee
December 25, 2012

Renee copy


Renee, it’s your 16th birthday, and below you’ll find lots of things you love, and maybe some things you don’t know about.

Click on the balloons and see what happens.

Click on Renee’s picture to see what happens.

Birthday Game #1

Answer at least one question about Renee in the comment box, and write Renee a happy birthday greeting.  Psssst, the word Renee is hyperlinked.

  1. Renee is my youngest blogging friend.  Name at least one of her friends.  Blogging friends are ok to list, too.
  2. The name of Renee’s horse is Br______k, and the name of her pony is ____or___n.
  3. Name a one of Renee’s favorite musical groups besides Pink Floyd.
  4. If Renee could be a dog, what kind would she be?
  5. Name one award presented to Renee.
Who am I?

Write your guess in the comment box to win a free photo.

Open Renee’s card

Time for birthday cake.    Click on cakes to discover other things Renee likes.   Which kind of cake would you like?

Chocolate cake, white frosting
Its fondant covered…chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate fondant.
Fondant frosting, strawberry cake

Thanks so much for coming to Renee’s birthday party this Christmas day.  Wishing you and yours the best Christmas ever, and wishing Renee the best birthday ever.

Free Gifts specially selected for Renee and her guests.

Sunset from Tulare County

Horses in corral

Bill Van Scyoc #3 copy

Happy Birthday Renee and friends from Marsha Lee  :)

132 thoughts on “Renee’s Online Birthday Party”

  1. Online Interview with Renee

    Did you have any obstacles have you had to overcome that you thought would hold you back, but you got through them?

    The thing I had to over come this year would have to be my depression, it had effected much of my school work and I was a bit grouchy to my friends and now I feel bad. But it’s okay now because I’m finally over it and my friends were there for me during, and after it and I thank them very much for helping me through!

    Anything else you’d like to share with the folks in my Blogger Community?

    I love meteorology! I was asked a couple of months ago by one of the members of the school senior band if I would like to be the lead guitarist for the band next year, and I was just like, omg did she just ask me that?! Yes!!! Lol


    1. Hi Renee, Happy birthday. You might want to reblog this post so it gets to your friends. They know to come to you!!!!! Do you like it??? I had a lot of fun designing it. It is meant to send people to your site to fid out the answers. I don’t have them on my site, but I will post them on Dec. 26th. Lots of Love,
      Marsha :)


      1. hahaha yes i love it Marsha! Its wonderfull! :D I will reblog it now… thank you again Marsha! Merry Christmas/christmas eve! :) xx


  2. Renee, I have to go to bed now as it is late here in Europe, and I want to go to the Christmas Service tomorrow morning.
    Wishing you a wonderful remainder of your birthday, I toast you and ask you to have a small piece of cake for me please!
    To a sweet 16!
    With love Ute x


    1. hahaha no problem! glad you could come… will see you tomorrrow! Good night!
      I have actualy got some cake so I will! thank you! Cheers!!!
      Renee x


  3. was a wonderful day to say happy birthday Renee :)
    Wish you all the best in all your life both after life..Always be wonderful girl and always be my inspiration and the only just in my mind are always rocking and be my best friend for a life.

    And for all here Merry Christmas for you all friends hope you have a wonderful day.

    Best regards @Marsha for make it happen here..its just wonderful my friends



    1. Aaaw Thank you so much Bembeng! I hope you enjoyed coming along to the party and that you had a great Christmas day too! Glad you could come stop by and have fun! Thank you! :D


  4. Thank you Ralph! I am having a great day, glad you could come along to the party! Hahaha yea! Hope you have a great Christmas!! Renee :D x


  5. Merry Christmas Renee, and a happy birthday. My 5 charges say so too, the Beagle Boys, Toby and Baillie, Johnny the boxer, Dasha the retired pig hunter and the neighbours chocolate lab Charlie, They are quite a handful, as ‘mum’ is away visiting her relatives.


  6. Happy Happy Birthday My Friend:) Thank you much for inviting me to your birthday party:) Enjoy your special day and all that yummy cake. I am happy and thankful that I know you and wish you the very best from HRCG and all her animals here in Juniper Canyon! Merry Christmas….it is 10:03 pm on Christmas Eve here….so we are soon off to bed.
    Birthday Hugs Renee! Enjoy your party!


    1. thank you thank you thank you!! your welcome! :) hehehe tell them i said thank you! ;) that’s fine, the party will be on tomorrow too so you can come back then if you like! :D Hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new years! :) Glad you could stop by and join the party! x


  7. Merry Christmas and a Very happy 16th Birthday :)
    Special Thanks to Marsha too:)
    All the best to everyone and here’s wishing each and all a prosperous New Year – Keep on Rockin’!


    1. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to you too! Hope you have a great new years and we are all glad you could stop by and join the party! Hope you have a great Christmas! :P


    1. Thank you very much! It is wonderful what she has done here and i cant thank her enough! I hope you have a great Christmas and enjoy the rest of your day! Great yo could stop by and join the celebration! :)


  8. Wow, 16th birthday . . . Happy bithday to you Renee, may all your wish come true, and also merry Christmas to you too :)

    And for Marsha, merry Christmas to you and your loved ones too. You did a great online party for Renee!


    1. Thanks Chris. It was great fun to put together, and it’s been really fun to watch. Many of Renee’s friends have stopped by. I had 276 visitors yesterday, and my normal is about 100-150! So lots of people! Merry Christmas to you today! Marsha :)


  9. Happy Of Happiest of Sweet 16 sweetie!!
    I am so bummed I cannot use “Shine On Crazy Diamond for my answer” Alas!
    This is my musical video card for you my your friend with such an old soul ~ I thin you are the most empowered 16 yr old I know and I so love that about you!! Hope its everything you have wished for ~

    Thank you to the one friend of yours I recognize her name that would be your hostess with the moistest tchistorygal -Marsha~ Thank you Marsha, this was so different I am hooked on cyber parties now.
    Merry Christmas & Happy Ho Ho to you both and all your guests ~ BB


    1. Haha Aaaaw thank you so much Baroness!!! That’s so sweet! :D glad you could come over to the party!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!! x


      1. Hahaha that’s all good! Thank you so much!!! :D I hope you have a great christmas! Thank you too for joining the celebration!! :)


    1. Thank you so much Gipsika!! It certainly does only come around once, and I had a fantastic time!! Merry Christmas to you as well, glad you could come!! :)


      1. Of course, I will share it. If Renee hadn’t had a birthday, I wouldn’t have been inspired to plan a party. That’s the REALITY of it!!! Thanks so much for the award!!! You are the! (that’s a good thing!) Marsha Lee :)


    1. Hi Beautifulthings, Thank you so much for responding. I really had no idea how it would go. Renee and I both enjoyed it. She was answering birthday wishes for two days! Happy birthday to your daughter as well. How old is she? :) Marsha Lee :)


  10. a wonderful gift to Renee by Marsha.. Wish you a belated Happy Birthday, Renee..and wish you both a wonderful New Year..loved all the photos of horses, especially the chocolate one:)


    1. You are totally welcome. It was my pleasure and we all had so much fun. It was great to meet Jim. He’s amazing!!!! I’d love to hear him play! Give him my best! Boy you have been on some camping trip here!!!! Thanks for stopping by! :)


      1. Wow!!! Was that just one person? I’m totally impressed! That first one would have been perfect scary music to accompany Manny and me being tied in the railroad tracks!!!! Awesome job Jim!!!!!


    1. If you are going for most popular, Renee’s birthday was the most popular. If you are going for one that I think will have the most appeal for new people, I think it would be Comment Challenged? So I’ll pick that one. I’m glad you got to see Renee’s party because it was a lot of fun to design. You are doing a much more thorough job of putting on a party by including everybody’s favorite post, but our purposes are so different. I just wanted a 16 year old girl to have a special day. I’m looking forward to your party!!!! Don’t be afraid to run it for several days, either. Just remind people that it’s still going on. :) Marsha :) Thanks again for including me.


      1. You are so welcome :) Thank you for joining! I really liked them both:) And OK, I will put the funny comment one in :) LOL! And it wil be run from Thursday evening to Sunday evening :) I never thought to keep reminding people! Thanks for the idea! And that is sweet of you to do that for her!


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