Marsha Lee

Smokey Eyes, Etc.

What do you think,  is it better to have a hotel room to yourself, or share with a friend?  I’m thinking that privacy may be overrated.  With budget cuts, I’ve done a lot more sharing rooms, and you just never know what you will learn.  Last week-end in-between 12 hour work days, I learned how to get smoky eyes.

Actually it’s easy to do if you don’t get any sleep, your eyes feel smoky whether they look it or not.  Paula is an expert at make-up and fingernails.  She comes packed for all occasions with at least 30 colors of everything.

Granted, these aren’t eyes.  They’re not even Paula.  They didn’t even happen on the trip, but it just goes to show – be ready with color.  This came from work today.  - Flip to the bottom of this article for the 80s look.

To get smoky eyes is easy.  Cover most of the eyelid in a dark color – up beyond the crease in your eye.  If you can’t find just one crease, look for the biggest horizontal one with a bulge below it.  Next, cover the rest of the eye above that with a very light color.  Paint a thin line of color in the crease.  If your eyes are like mine (visually) you won’t be able to see it even with a magnifying mirror, and others probably won’t see it until it spreads out of the arroyo grande.  Finally apply eye liner as thick as you can, plaster on the mascara, and smear the whole thing together and voila – Smoky Eyes.

Next look:  80s.  So today was a grand celebration and Paula and Laura dressed to the max.  This is way beyond smokey eyes, but you will enjoy the fun.

Those lines would all be real on my face.  BTW, Paula doesn’t even need to wear mascara.




Privacy is really boring, but I’m thinking twice about sharing a room next time.  I may come out hanging heavy metal.


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